Internal Audits


To ensure a management system remains compliant audits are conducted at a frequency determined by a number of factors – company size, risk of a nonconformity outcome, complexity of processes, previous results of audits etc...

An internal audit is generally conducted by persons working within the company being audited however, it is not recommended that these persons audit their own work as this does not always provide an impartial opinion.

Audits should be considered as a 3-step process;

1. What is the process?

2. Is the process being followed?

3. Does the process meet the requirements of the ISO Standard?

The answer for step 2 & 3 should be β€˜yes’, otherwise the result is nonconforming process, product or service. Correction action is requried, and further to root cause analysis, corrective action is required to prevent reoccurrence.

MSN can provide clients audits of their existing system. The internal audits that identify either correction or corrective action also provide a process of continuous improvement. Over the past three years we have completed audits for civil, mechanical and electrical building services and design, architects and construction, hydraulic and fire consultants, precast concrete product manufacturers, switchboard manufacturers, heavy plant manufacturers, quarries, telecommunication tower construction and maintenance, cloud-based IT services, marine vessel transport services, and local council road construction and maintenance.

Third Party Compliance Audits

Where a company needs to ensure that the audit results are impartial it may use the services of a Third Party auditor. A Third Party auditor is necessary where a company seeks the final step of being compliant by having their system certified as compliant. Such certification requires an audit by a Third Party. MSN can provide Third Party audits of systems implemented by other parties.

Support Agreements

At MSN we recognise that implementing and maintaining a management system is a cost that some companies just cannot justify or, in some cases, afford in the early stages of growth. That's why we have developed an offering whereby MSN provides a resource to maintaining your management system processes and improvement. We can provide internal audits for compliance, carry out Correction and Corrective Actions based on these results, working with your people to keep processes both current and best practice. Call us or use the 'Get in Touch" form below for further details.