why go down the ISO 9001 path?

  • Improve market credibility of your brand
  • Access new markets with government tenders and export opportunities
  • Identify risks and opportunities through the review process
  • Reduce operational failures that directly affect your bottom line
  • Improve performance, product and service quality to the customer
  • Have a structured management plan for business succession
  • A transparent business framework aids succession planning

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Why use MSN?

MSN Business & Compliance offers a stress free approach to getting certified to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 management systems. All works is supervised by an industry accredited Lead Auditor.


Prequalification (PQC) for Government Building Suppliers asks if a contractor has a Quality Management System (QMS). Maintain your competitiveness with a single customisable document from $1,950, or use a set of customisable templates with your own web-based intranet.


MSN can provide a cloud-based QMS, allowing metric dashboards for strategic planning, objectives monitoring and measurement, performance evaluation and more. We also offer on-site consultancy to align existing processes to the Standards, internal, external and gap audits, risk management and safe work method assistance, contact us below.


Consider one of our support services and engage MSN to assist with on-going management system compliance. This can be especially useful for companies who may not be able to commit their own resources full-time, a very cost effective way of maintaining compliance.



Gap Analysis
Implementation by MSN Business & Compliance


Audit Services

Ensures a management system
remains compliant

succession plans

When you come to sell a business it is important that the new owners can take over the business without it losing its process approach once you have departed the business.


An effective ISO 9001 management system demonstrates you have a systematic approach to the business processes and have ensured effective interlocking of the processes from enquiry, through the planning and review, design and development, verification and validation of your customers product and services and to their requirements.


The new ISO 9001:2015 standard further demonstrates an organisation understands its context and determines its risks as a basis for all planning. These planned actions to address 'risk and opportunity' improve the alignment and transparency of the company's high level business objectives and, the quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes needed for the quality management system.


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